C.J. Box – Out Of Range

Out Of Range by C.J. Box is the fifth book in the Joe Pickett series.

This story was released on May 5, 2005.

Out Of Range book description

Joe Pickett is attempting to enjoy – all right, survive – his mother-in-law’s wedding to a local big-shot rancher when he receives some disturbing news: Will Jensen, a fellow Wyoming game warden and a good friend, has killed himself. And Joe’s been picked to temporarily run Jensen’s Teton district.

Jackson, Wyoming, is a far cry from Joe’s hometown of Saddlestring – it’s the epicenter for many environmental extremists and an elite playground for the rich and powerful – and Joe quickly finds himself in over his head.

Yet despite the pressures of his new job, he can’t get his friend’s suicide out of his mind. By all accounts, Will had changed in the last few months, becoming violent and unpredictable.

The closer Joe comes to the truth about Will’s death, the more his own life spirals out of control – and he realizes that if he’s not careful, he may end up as Jackson’s next victim.

C.J. Box Out Of Range

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