C.J. Box – Shots Fired

C.J. Box – Shots Fired: Stories From Joe Pickett Country is a collection of short stories by the New York Times bestselling author, four of which feature the game warden Joe Pickett, with the rest being standalone stories.

This book had a release date of July 15, 2014.

Shots Fired book description

Over the course of eighteen books, C. J. Box has been consistently hailed for his brilliant storytelling and extraordinary skills at creating character, suspense, and a deep sense of place.

All of those strengths are in the ten riveting stories — three of them never before published — that make up Shots Fired.

In “One-Car Bridge,” one of four Joe Pickett stories, Pickett goes up against a “just plain mean” landowner, with disastrous results, and in “Shots Fired,” his investigation into the radio call referred to in the title nearly ends up being the last thing he ever does.

In “Pirates of Yellowstone,” two Eastern European tough guys find out what it means to be strangers in a strange land, and in “Le Sauvage Noble,” the stranger is a Lakota in Paris who enjoys playing the “noble savage” for the French women — until he meets Sophie. Then he discovers what “savage” really means.

Contains the following stories:

  1. One-Car Bridge
  2. Pirates Of Yellowstone
  3. The End Of Jim And Ezra
  4. The Master Falconer
  5. Every Day Is A Good Day On The River
  6. Pronghorns Of The Third Reich
  7. Dull Knife
  8. Le Sauvage Noble (The Noble Savage)
  9. Blood Knot
  10. Shots Fired: A Requiem For Ander Esti

Click the book cover to read reviews of Shots Fired on Amazon

Click the book cover to read reviews of Shots Fired on Amazon